Hello First-Time Users :)

This page was created to help you make your first augmented reality project with CabinAR! :tada::blush:

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?
Digital media – image, video, 3D objects, audio – layered atop the physical world through the lens of a smartphone camera, glasses, or other smart-viewing device. There are many different types of Augmented Reality, but CabinAR uses marker-based AR.

What is Marker-Based AR?
Maker-based AR is an AR experience triggered by the recognition of a 2D visual marker – an image, photograph, or piece of art.

What does CabinAR do?
CabinAR is both a mobile and browser-based application.

Using the mobile application, you can view marker-based AR. Try it here with our demo markers:

  1. Download the CabinAR application, available for free on iOS or Android.

  2. Print the trial marker.

  3. Open the CabinAR app, select Cabin-Hello, and frame the marker with the camera.

Using the browser-based application, Cabin-ar.com allows you to build custom AR experiences using your own markers. Follow these steps to augment the trial marker and learn how to make your own AR experience:

  1. Create an Account: Create a free account on cabin-ar.com.

  2. Create a New Space: Make your own project workspace.

  3. Interface Overview: See the basic components of the interface.

  4. Add a New Piece: CabinAR refers to a single marker-based AR experience as a piece. Learn how to add pieces to your project and upload unique markers for them.

  5. Add a Primitive: Add and manipulate primitives – the basic building blocks of AR content.

  6. Add Collaborators: Invite a friend to join your space.

Tips for Making Strong Markers: A strong marker must be recognizable by your smartphone camera, so stay away from repeating patterns. Aim to create markers with many unique markings and ample contrast ( markers are detected in grayscale).