4. Add a New Piece

If you haven’t already, you will need to Create a New Space.

Add a New Piece
Within each space you will need to add at least one piece to get started building AR content. For each piece you add, you will have a unique marker and corresponding AR content.

  1. In the bottom left corner of your space, select + Add Piece.

  2. For each new piece you add, you can upload a unique marker. To upload a new marker or change an existing one, find the upload marker button under properties. Feel free to use any image or our demo marker.

  3. Before you go back to your scene, be sure to name your piece, define the marker width that corresponds to your printed marker, and save your piece, using “cmd+s” or the save button in the upper right.

  4. Also, note the marker quality. This scale rates the recognizability of your image marker; a higher score indicates stronger recognition. Aim for 80 or above.

Next, learn how to Add a Primitive.